About SA Sakala Teatrimaja

SA Vanalinna Teatrimaja was founded in 1998 by the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the city of Tallinn and SEB Bank. The foundation was established for the purpose of providing permanent rooms for the theatre Vanalinnastuudio which had been active for 20 years.

At first there was an idea to build a new theatre in the Old Town but after a year Vanalinnastuudio was offered to use a building in Sakala street instead. SA Vanalinna Teatrimaja became the manager of the property at 3 Sakala Street.

In 2013 SA Vanalinna Teatrimaja concluded a long term contract with SA Teater NO99 for free use of the property. In 2019 the contract was terminated and SA Vanalinna Teatrimaja became the sole user of the building.

In June 2020 SA Vanalinna Teatrimaja was renamed as SA Sakala Teatrimaja. The aim of SA Sakala Teatrimaja is to rent out necessary premises for those working in the field of performing arts.

Members of the Council

Katre Väli, nõukogu esimees
Katrin Solvak
Margus Kasterpalu


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